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  • modogbreeders
  • January 25, 2015 4:56 am

Missouri Dog Breeders is a website that is owned and operated by Comet Fetch LLC. All our websites are managed with the highest standards of ethical behavior by our employees. All of our employees have background checks as well as personal assessments completed before being hired by Comet Fetch. This insures that the business transaction that transpire between our employees and our dog breeders are handled with the highest business standard in the industry. As a person who is looking for a dog or puppy on our website please rest assured that our dog breeders have a personal relationship with our company. To be considered a part of our dog breeder family we strive to have spoken with each and every dog breeder utilizing our dog breeder websites. Puppies for sale in Missouri can be found on this website as well as our affiliate websites. We hope to provide the best local search site for dogs and puppies in the state of Missouri. These dogs and puppies that are listed here for sale are not owned by Comet Fetch LLC. Each animal that is listed here on this site is listed here as an advertisement and it does not indicate that we condone any unethical dog breeding practices. If a breeder is found to be practicing any illegal or malicious behavior we reserve the right to remove them as a member of this and all of the Comet Fetch LLC dog websites. Please contact our admin if you have any questions about the use of this site as well as please read the terms and conditions of using our website.


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